The Craft



Objects are formed by hand-thrown technique

Retouched till final shape

Stay still up to three weeks until ready 

Burned for 1st time in order to get firm

Glazed with colour

Burned again, so that colour remains and objects get strong

Ready for your use


byMaks products are multifunctional and might serve as household tools as well as interior details. 

byMaks supports quiet design and minimalist aesthetics - beauty is the harmony of form and purpose. 

Products are made from stoneware, which is indeed handy for hot temperature thus, they can be used in ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. 

Since all byMaks products are made from organic stoneware and lead-free glaze, it does not leach any chemicals when heated.

byMaks believes in dialogue between nature and mankind, it breathes the harmony of imperfection therefore every piece is a little bit different and unique in its size and shape.


Teapot with Candle Warmer

Clutch Cocoa Cup 

Clutch Petite Cup

Cocoa Cup

Petite Cup

Cappuccino Cup 

60’s Cup

Cup with Knitted Sleeve 

Side Plate

Dinner/Serving Plate

Squared Platter

Round Big and Little Platters 

Set of 4 Round Big Platters with Case 

Soya Bowl & Chopstick Rest

Mini bowl 

Small bowl 

Large bowl



                                 Classy white

                                  Matte black

                                  Nude & rose

                                  Quite blue

                                  Matte mint

                                  Glossy mint

                                  Green No.9 

                                 Skinny latte

                                  Berry grey 

                                Industrial grey

For special orders or for any other query please contact us here or and we will be glad to assist you personally.